Thief vs Door in Australia (Robbery Fail)

Robbery fail!

A bag thief has been caught on camera knocking himself out after running through a glass door as he tried to make his getaway.
The man had just snatched a purse from a 50-year-old woman at a newsagent in Perth, Western Australia, when he unwittingly hurtled through the pane and fell flat on his face.
CCTV footage shows the confused man lying on the ground outside the shopping centre as bystanders who were unaware of the theft come to his aid.
Shop owner Greg Rice said: “He made a pretty heavy impact. When he actually hit the glass he was knocked out.”
Police said the witnesses assisted the man before an accomplice arrived on the scene and threatened them.
The injured man stumbled to his feet before he and his accomplice made off in a stolen green Lexus. They are still at large.