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Grand Theft Auto IV Stunt Videos.

GTA 4 – The Last AMAZING Stuntman

by css172

The time has come to end my stunting montages.

Keep subscribing though, I will still be making more GTA 4 videos which may contain some stunts, just no more solo stunting montages.

The reason why i am stopping? well it’s really not that fun spending 2-3 hours just to land one stunt anymore. Also i’ve landed every stunt i ever wanted to.

Thank you to everyone who has watched, rated and left a comment on them.

Editors : Sony Vegas Pro 9 GTA 4 Video Editor
GTA 4 rendered game settings

Video mode : 1680 x 1050 (60hz)
Aspect ratio : Auto
Texture Quality : HIGH
Reflection Resolution : VERY HIGH
Water Quality : VERY HIGH
Shadow Quality : VERY HIGH
Night Shadows : VERY HIGH
Texture Filter Quality : Tri-Linear

View distance 36
Detail distance 100
Vehicle density 25
Definition : ON
VSync : ON

Resource used 978 / 1280MB
No Rockstar Watermark Mod (Credits wiep_rzu)
Simple Native Trainer 6.2 (Credits sjaak327)
ASI Loader (Credits Alexander Blade)
Thank you to everyone else who has helped and supported me, too many to list but you all know who you are.

GTA 4 – AMAZING Bike Stunts 2

by css172
Bike stunts performed using a PCJ 600 & NRG 900 in singleplayer mode

As you will see i avoided the obvious “insane stunt ramps” and went looking for more original places to stunt

This is the result of 2-3 days of gameplay and 2 days of editing. Im very happy with the results, however youtube recognised the audio and has “shifted” the music slightly out of sync with the action (around 0.5 sec) this isnt a major problem but it’s slightly annoying to me :(

I have a few favourites in this video – in no particular order.

1. front flip to ledge of building 0:26
2. long grind 0:30
3. front flip into booth tunnel 0:39
4. 360 & land on billboard 1:06
5. 360 through crane structure 1:29
6. 360 & land in cage 2:23
7. grind & 360 2:41
8. 720 over booth tunnel entrance 3:24
9. 360 & open gates 4:00
10. front flip smash light then backflip 4:10

GTA IV Stunts and Tricks

by 007craft
Just a fun video I made after messing around a bit While playing GTA4 on Xbox 360

First Song: Boys Noize – And Down (You can actually find this song on the radio in GTA4 on the Electro-CHOC station
Second Song: Robert Lidstroem – Recitation (original mix)