GTA SA stunts (no mods – read description)

Various stunts in no-mods no-cheats PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

There’s no mega bunnyhop cheat used in this video. Its uzi jump. Pressing shoot as you release the jump key will launch your BMX really high(around 36ft). It’s not as high as the megabunny hop cheat and the timing for the shoot takes some practice but its not hard. In this video you can see CJ’s hand stick out the uzi hand every time he does that high bike jump.

The building gap at 1:33 is nothing special either. It’s just a grenade jump. Throw a grenade and jump over or near the explosion. It’ll give a significant boost to the jump. There’s no explosion in the video because grenade fx don’t render in replays. The parachute popping into his hand is also a replay bug where it equips the attachment to the wrong bone.