f33l – Quake3 Defrag Movie

by w3sp
– f33l –

A Quake3 Defrag movie made by KOS (Jul 2009) featuring my demos.
This is the official sequel of the previous Q3 Defrag movie (“w3sp strafes”).

All runs were performed in cpm and vq3 settings with 125 fps unaltered physics (Standard pmove settings). Some runs were done online, some offline. Everything is also reproducable in the OSP mod without any modification.
All runs were worldrecords at the release of this movie, and probably still are.
A few of the demos were posted on OPC forums.

Music Songs:
00:01 Amon Tobin – 4 Ton Mantis
01:07 Boards of Canada – Oirectine
07:01 Autechre – Further
10:03 Soundhacker – Phxone
12:43 Self Oscillate – Vocanology