Quake 3 DeFRaG – Velocity 2

by guennimo
movie&demos done by bEnz

” Hi! I like present to u my third Quake 3 DeFRaG movie called Velocity 2.
Same as first part this is vq3 run movie. All runs perfomed by me.
Simple and clean. Many first person cameras and few third. Video synced with music.
This time its drum & bass. Four tracks from different dnb artists mixed by my self.

0:26 – Sub Focus – Deep Space
2:36 – Break – Late Drop
4:50 – Blame – Hiro
7:06 – Logistics – Machine

No motion blur this time.
I like to say thanks Id Software and DeFRaG team ofc and also HK for hosting my video and Rastm4N for test this video, rly rly thank u guys.

Well, hope u enjoy this movie “