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Tuto Trickshot Black Ops n°8 (Très SWAG) [FR] [HD]

Voici le tuto du trickshot colis à la Black Ops. j’espère que PlayMyDream l’accepteront car eux seul ont le pouvoir que ce trickshot soit réaliser par énormément de gens sur le live.

Black Ops TrickShot tutorial | “Y – Back” InfraRed68 Ep. 12

Hey guys, I know! finally i have got some new music and also a Black Ops trickshot, a lot of people wanted this and when i found how sick this shot was i new i had to show you guys, This is the type of shot that will impress people and get you into big clans. The creativity and originality in this shot makes it that type of shot that people see in an episode and just are in awwww. Hope you guys enjoy this and i dont usually ask for this but a Like and Favorite would be amazing!


Da es im Moment keine Möglichkeit für mich gibt Yawspeed zu benutzen, muss ich meine Maus benutzen zum drehen, deswegen sehen die Trickshots so schäbig aus. Hoffentlich kann man dies bald ändern! DANKE! :D
Musik die im Video benutzt wurde :
Skrillex feat. Alvin Risk – I’mma Try It Out
Skrillex – Bug Hunt

Black Ops Trickshot Tutorial, Backwards Dolphine Dive aka “Demonic Backdive”

Yes i know you can Silent shot by raising your Tomahawk and i know i was not the first one to do it and it was in MW2

Spinning in a circle and diving is NOT the same thing

Accidentally diving backwards is NOT the same thing

This Shot was purposely done and by saying there was nothing else like it when i released this is because no one had formulated this into a trickshot at the time of posting.

If you had done this shot on purpose before i posted my original video and just did not post on YouTube, i am sorry to hear that.